Friday, February 11, 2011

Where to from here?

CosyCosy has just been accepted into both Niche in April and Agfest in May!

This means two things, one, I need to get sewing and two, you get to touch and try on my new range soon!

So this afternoon I did a wee photo shoot (must put a gorgeous, size 10 real life model on my list of things to find!):

 pictured is a voile wrap for balmy summer evenings, available in white and black

and here's the same wrap in a soft, cotton jersey, available in charcoal (as pictured) and black

I love this wrap as it is so versatile.  You can wear it upside down, back to front, inside out, you can scrunch it in your bag and it looks great.

I can't wait to sew up more pieces and find a nice model and good photographer to take some real shots :)

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  1. They both look beautiful (as does the model!). Best of luck with your new venture and blog!