Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vulnerability = Beauty

The other day I took some time to myself and listened to this great talk which my wonderful friends at BodyZen posted on their Facebook page.

The speaker is Brene Brown and she speaks some amazing words that are completely soul reviving!  Take 20 minutes to sit down and watch it if you dare.

Basically, among other great messages in the talk, the main focus is that being vulnerable is a powerful tool.

Brene Brown is a researcher and in a nutshell did a study on what makes women content and happy.  She found that women who were truly happy and content within themselves:

  • had the courage to be imperfect
  • had compassion to be kind firstly to themselves and only then to others
  • had a connection with people as a result of authenticity
  • had a complete vulnerablility which made them beautiful

My challenge is to you:  be imperfect, have compassion, connect by being authentic, be vulnerable and sit back with a contented sigh!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where to from here?

CosyCosy has just been accepted into both Niche in April and Agfest in May!

This means two things, one, I need to get sewing and two, you get to touch and try on my new range soon!

So this afternoon I did a wee photo shoot (must put a gorgeous, size 10 real life model on my list of things to find!):

 pictured is a voile wrap for balmy summer evenings, available in white and black

and here's the same wrap in a soft, cotton jersey, available in charcoal (as pictured) and black

I love this wrap as it is so versatile.  You can wear it upside down, back to front, inside out, you can scrunch it in your bag and it looks great.

I can't wait to sew up more pieces and find a nice model and good photographer to take some real shots :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An enterprise is born

Welcome to the first post of CosyCosy.

CosyCosy is about inspiring women to be themselves and to be their best.  It's about providing clothing that tells a story, is free form and is a little inspired in itself.

Our motto is:
Let yourself be seen on the inside
Love with your whole heart
Practice gratitude and joy
Believe 'I am enough'

Through this blog, my aim is to build women up by evoking thoughts that bring passion and stimulate change into the lives of my readers.

The CosyCosy clothing label is an outlet to express your individuality, creativity and beauty.  But one must remember that the outer beauty is only a mirror of the inner beauty and true beauty comes from within.

Snapshots of our new range to come, so click on 'Follow' to keep updated!